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Organizational Statement

    The Grand Valley Fire Protection District (District) is located in Garfield and Mesa Counties, Colorado.  The District includes the Town of Parachute, Battlement Mesa PUD, and the surrounding rural area communities of Rulison, Morrisania Mesa, Una, Spring Creek, Wallace Creek, and Parachute Creek. The District encompasses an area of 320 square miles in Garfield County and 0.75 square miles in Mesa County.


    The Grand Valley Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1962 and the District was established the following year.  The original Fire Department was comprised of 20 volunteers.  In 1997, the District hired its first Fire Chief and started the transitioning process of moving from an all Volunteer Fire Department to a Combination Fire District.  Presently the membership is a mix of full-time, part-time and volunteer staff.


    The District's goals and purposes are to provide fire prevention, fire suppression, hazardous materials response, rescue, disaster preparedness, emergency medical services (including emergent care and transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility) to its citizens and property, persons conducting business in or traveling through the District, and areas outside the District through intergovernmental agreement, to the extent allowed by applicable law. 

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