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If you have questions concerning permits please contact our department at (970) 285-9119

  • Open burning permits will be issued for the period between January 1 and Memorial Day and for the period between Labor Day and December 31.

  • Applications can be completed online by clicking the "Burn Permit Online Form" link below. A copy of the procedures and safety measures will be emailed to the address that you provide when completing the online form.

  • The State of Colorado may also require an Open Burning Permit for your burn. Agricultural burning and fires used for noncommercial cooking of food or fires used for instructional, training, or recreational purposes are exempt from state permitting requirements.
    State of Colorado Open Burning Information

Agricultural Burning is defined as:

  • The burning of cover vegetation for the purpose of preparing the soil for crop production, weed control, maintenance of water conveyance structures related to agricultural operations, and other agricultural cultivation purposes.
  • Open burning of animal parts or carcasses is NOT agricultural burning (unless the State Agricultural Commission declares a public health emergency that requires the burning of diseased animal carcasses).
  • Open burning of household trash, wood, and yard debris on agricultural land is NOT agricultural burning and is NOT exempt from State permitting requirements.


There is NO BURNING during active Red Flag Alerts

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