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Why develop a Strategic Plan?:

Fire Districts across Colorado are facing an increased challenge in meeting rising service levels in constrained fiscal enviornments.  The Grand Valley Fire Protection District (“the District”) is tasked with the provision of quality emergency fire and medical services, public education, and fire prevention programs. These services are delivered by a combination of paid and volunteer staff.  A changing economic environment drives the need for forward-thinking planning to provide a resilient foundation for the District’s future.

Strategic Plan

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  Click here to download the latest copy of the Grand Valley Fire Strategic Plan

What is the OROI?:

The Board of Directors of the Grand Valley Fire Protection District retained professional services in the fall of 2016 to conduct an assessment of the District and its employees.  This review was undertaken as a positive endeavor seeking the input of internal and external stakeholders and development of a series of improvement opportunities ultimately describe as specific recommendations.

The report was divided into three major sections: (1) Interview takeaways, (2) Opportunities for improvement, and (3) Appendices.

To complete the primary purpose of the original body of work, it was determined that a follow-up and update to the 2016 report would not only be beneficial but also was the responsible action.

A copy of the report is listed below for your review.

Organizational Review and Opportunities for Improvement

Click here to download a copy of the Organizational Review and Opportunities for Improvement Document

Public Presentation:

Fires due to dry conditions, drought and large amounts of fuels ready to burn are contributing to our areas extreme fire behavior.  Having the tools and personnel necessary to fight these fires and still provide the excellent service that our citizens expect from the Grand Valley Fire Protection District will continue to be a struggle without the support and help of the members and businesses in our community.

The Grand Valley Fire District has one of the lowest mill levy rates in all of Colorado.  To sustain the services and protection of the public in the future we will be seeing a small mill levy increase in November.  Without this minimal increase it is likely that some services we now provide may need to be eliminated.

Chief Blair has held several public meeting to explain the fire situation and the fiscal needs of the District so that our citizens are well informed and know why a mill levy increase is needed.  It has been over 18 years since the District has requested an increase.

The link to a video of Chief Blair’s presentation is listed below for your review.

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Fires Now and in the Future

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